About Us

      At Low Profile Luxury, we focus on providing premium quality products made of natural materials for people who are confident enough that they don't need big names or shiny logos to impress others.

      I created Low Profile Luxury in 2015 following my love for flax linen as well as the ideal of making it affordable so that more people can enjoy the benefits of this "Queen of Fibers". Many people approved our concept and gave us trust, support and encouragement, for which we remain deeply grateful.

      We hope to grow continuously and need your participation. Your comments and suggestions will always be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for sharing our love for better things in life.

                                                                  -  Victoria Huang, founder


Contact us at:

Phone: (800) 898-0688
Email: cs@lowprofileluxury.com
Low Profile Luxury
521 Roosevelt ave.
Central Falls, RI 02863